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We organize tour programs all over the world, especially in the Islamic and Ottoman geography. In our tours, we strive to create new horizons in your cultural world and new routes on your map, accompanied by our knowledgeable, experienced, Hisar Europe sensitivities and quality guides.

In addition to peaceful accommodation and comfortable transportation, we work for a high level of satisfaction with our fresh food sensitivity.

There is no charge under the name of “Extra Tour Fee” in any of our tours. As Hisar Europe Culture Tours, we offer you the best price options without compromising our quality understanding.

Jerusalem al-Sharif

Jerusalem was conquered for the first time in 637 by the Islamic armies and the keys of the city were personally received by Hazrat Umar (r.a.).


Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are many things waiting to be discovered in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which carries the traces of Ottoman history with its architecture, culture and streets... If you want to meet its history and geography that fascinates people and taste its unique flavours An unforgettable trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina with our expert guides awaits you



To see, discover and feel the Kurtuba Mosque with its unique architecture in Cordoba, the magnificent Alcazar Palace, the historical Giralda Minaret and the Muslim Quarter with its air, smell, houses and streets in Seville....



Uzbekistan, the country that hosts the timeless witnesses of Islamic Civilisation in its bosom... A magnificent journey to discover Uzbekistan, the capital of science and science, with its mosques, madrasas, observatories, which are the masterpieces of Turkish Islamic culture, in all its material, spiritual and scientific aspects.



To see the architectural richness in unique Egypt, where rare artefacts from the Ottoman, Mamluk and Ayyubid periods meet, and to watch Cairo from the castle built by Saladin Ayyubid We invite you on a unique journey into the depths of history for a wonderful tour on the Nile River and many other unique experiences.