About Us

Hisar Europe, as a faith-oriented company, with the awareness of serving the guests of Allah and Rasulullah, with the understanding of service in accordance with the Sunnah-i Seniyye, is proud to offer the opportunity to all Muslims of the world to perform Hajj and Umrah duly by making the best use of the opportunities of the modern world.

Our Mission

To perform Hajj and Umrah worship properly in accordance with Sunnah-i Seniyye.

Our Vision

To be a world-class reference tourism company that follows the developing innovations of the era, on the path drawn by the Prophet (s.a.v), with our professional staff, without losing the amateur spirit, with high organised power and human service understanding.

Hisar Europe Difference

Why should you choose us?

Experienced Guide

Experienced and competent guide for every 40 people who will perform Umrah worship spiritually

For Every Budget

Preferred tours with concepts suitable for different time periods and every budget


Training seminars and spiritual preparation programs organized before Umrah

Multilingual Guidance

Guidance in 10 different languages

Frequency Headset

Frequency headset service for full utilization of the guidance service


Accommodation in the country's leading brand hotels in accordance with the concept

Different Airports

Flights from 24 different cities in Europe with international airlines from the nearest airport

Hisar Kids

Special home service for your children in Makkah al-Mukarrama during the holiday periods in order to perform your Umrah worship comfortably

Fresh Halal Meat

Accompanied by our Turkish Chefs,
halal and fresh meat and dishes suitable for the Turkish palate

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Your opinions and suggestions are very important for us to serve you better. Please let us know your requests, suggestions, feedback and thanks about Hisar Europe. Our teams will evaluate and return to you as soon as possible.

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